The Best adapter :Find the right power adapter for your notebook

What is an AC Adapter?

The AC adapter is used to recharge the battery in a notebook and to provide dependable power for operating the notebook for long periods of time. If an AC adapter fails it will not recharge the battery and it will not provide power to operate the notebook without a battery.

Laptop Power Adapters

Your laptop is indispensable, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you were to lose its power supply or damage the battery?

How to select a AC adapter?

Benefit from the rapid change of electronic products. People enjoy the convenience of electronic products at the same time, there are also a variety of adapters on the market, to our purchase has brought difficulties.

Conforms to several principles

  1.  the voltage is the same or similar. Your computer has a nominal input voltage of 16V, and the following adapter rated output voltage is 20V, a large difference, can not be replaced, may damage the computer.
  2. the plug polarity is the same. You should take a closer look. If the symbols are not the same as those noted on the notebook, absolutely not.
  3. the adapter’s rated output current can not be less than the computer’s rated input current. Your computer marked the maximum input current is 3.36A, then you buy the power adapter when you buy the output current is greater than or equal to 3.36A, the bigger the better, but the larger the output current is the higher the power rating, too big words too wasteful, and very cumbersome, generally slightly larger than on the line.

Choose a good brand

Now many of the online sales are jerry-building unqualified products, normal use should be no problem, once the accident will burn off your laptop, save dozens of pieces but burn thousands of pieces of the notebook is not worth the money, the proposal is well-funded case, you can buy a professional brand.

Distinguish usage

For home use and office use, buy a home, want to use the car, buy a car.

Distinguish voltage, current and connector

Look at the original notebook computer is which brand, the original charger behind the label on how much V, how many a, the connector of the charger is probably round or square, or porous, to do their own mind about a few, just don’t buy wrong, even be fooled. If the original charger is 18.5V 3.5A that is to buy output 18.5V, as for the current higher than 3.5A can be. But if it is 18.5V best not, although can be charged, special circumstances emergency can be recharged, time long will damage to the battery and laptop computer. That is to say, the voltage is accurate and the current can be high.

Different brands of laptop AC adapters are not universal

Interface Unlike most laptop power adapter brands, this means that using other branded power adapters simply cannot be plugged into your laptop for power.

  1. The interface is relatively safe, because at least you will not plug in a current or voltage that does not match the power adapter to power the laptop and cause computer hardware damage.
  2. Different voltages,Different brands of laptop power adapter voltage is not the same, for example: IBM is generally 16v,dell is the 20V,HP is 18.5v,sony is the 19.5V and so on. This shows that even if the power adapter interface is the same, it is not possible to use different brands of laptop power adapter for power supply.
  3. Different currents,Different brands of laptop power adapter current is not the same, for example: IBM is generally
  4. Dell is the 3.34A,HP is 2.7a,sony is the 4.1A and so on.

How much does the adapter cost?

There are a lot of power adapters on the market for laptops, and big brands of power adapters are Lenovo , HP, Asus and now very popular Apple and so on.

Lenovo Notebook ac adapter Price

  • Lenovo IdeaPad 31036097 65W AC Adapter
    Applicable:Lenovo Y650/510/530/550/410/430/450/310/330, U330, g230/430/530/470/430
    Power : 65W


  • Lenovo IdeaPad 31036172 135W AC Adapter
    Applicable:Lenovo IdeaPad Y710 Y730
    Power: 135W

Dell Notebook ac adapter Price

  • Dell 19.5V 4.62A
19.5V 4.62A 90W Ac Adapter
19.5V 4.62A 90W Ac Adapter

Applicable:D620,XPS M1210,M1710



  • Dell 19.5V 3.34A
19.5V 3.34A 65W Ac Adapter
19.5V 3.34A 65W Ac Adapter



HP Notebook ac adapter Price

  • HP 19V 4.74A  PPP012H-S
19V 4.74A 90W AC Adapter
19V 4.74A 90W AC Adapter



  • HP 18.5V 3.5A
AC Adapter 18.5v 3.5A 30W
AC Adapter 18.5v 3.5A 30W

Applicable:mini1000,mini 110

How to detect Laptop Power adapter problem cause ?

Notebook power adapter, is the basis of the normal work of the laptop, if the power adapter problems, the battery will not be able to charge properly, the interface will also appear bad contact situation.

  1. First, you can see if the power adapter or laptop battery is in good contact by gently shaking the power connector or battery, or if not, try reinstalling the power adapter or battery. Problems that may occur are a distortion of the power connector or a decrease in the elasticity of the battery contact.
  2.  If the power or battery connector is good, the multimeter can be used to test the power adapter or the output voltage of the battery, mainly to see if the output voltage is stable, and the actual output voltage value and the nominal voltage of the power supply is consistent, if the output is unstable or the actual output voltage and product nominal difference, you need to replace the damaged power adapter or battery.
  3.  If the above detection steps are displayed normal, you can infer the problem on the laptop power board or motherboard, here to open the notebook case, and check whether the power board and the motherboard is in good contact.
  4. If the power supply board and battery are in good contact, then use DIY universal replacement method to check whether the power board is normal, such as abnormal, can be replaced.
  5. the power supply board, the battery is normal, it can be inferred that the notebook motherboard or other main components destroyed, at this time can repair or replace the motherboard.

Notebook Power Adapter FAQ:

1.The same voltage power supply, the output current is not the same, can be used in the same notebook? The basic principle is that a power supply with a large nominal current can replace a small nominal current.
2.The same machine, other people’s power temperature, my always very hot, why? Don’t doubt your power supply problem, first see what your notebook is doing.It is important to make good use of power management and adjust the working state of notebooks according to the task.
3.The nominal voltage of the power supply is much higher than my laptop battery voltage. DPower supply to the laptop and the battery to the laptop power is not the same. The supply voltage must be greater than the voltage of the cell to be fully capable of supplying to each unit of the charging control circuit. The last voltage actually added to the cell will never be the nominal voltage of your power supply.