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Question 1:

Universal Containers has an output document with a line item table that currently displays product options that are marked as Included. What step should the Admin take to remove the Included products from the line item table?

A. Set the Show Bundled Products field to False on the Quote Template.

B. Set the Hide Included Products field to True on the Quote Template.

C. Create a Quote Line field OutputVisibility__C that returns False if Included = True.

D. Create a filter on the line items Template Section where Component = False

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

The Universal Containers Admin is creating a custom formula field, Approval Score, on the Quote Line object to calculate approval score. This field will calculate the average approval score for the Quote to determine how many levels of approval the record should go through when submitted.

The Admin planned to use a roll-up summary field on the Quote object to average the Quote Line Approval Score field. The Admin received an error when attempting to create the field. The Quote object has too many roll-up summary fields.

In addition to creating a custom number field on the Quote object to capture the average Approval Score, which action Should the Admin take to resolve the issue?

A. Create a trigger to populate the average Approval Score.

B. Create a Summary Variable and Product Rule to populate the number field with the average Approval Score.

C. Create a Workflow Rule with a Field Update to populate the average Approval Score.

D. Create a Summary Variable and Price Rule to populate the number field with the average Approval Score.

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

“UC sells a monthly subscription service with tiered pricing:

Total Price

$1,000 for the first 100 units

$1,000 plus $9 per unit above 100

$4,600 plus $8 per unit above 500 $8,600 plus $7 per unit above 1,000

A. Block

B. List

C. Segmented

D. Tiered

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

A user needs to amend a contract and change prices to reflect new discounts for existing active subscriptions and assets.

How should the user achieve this?

A. Clone the Quote Lines which need to be updated. Modify the desired discounts on the cloned Quote Lines. Update the original Quote Lines to a Quantity of zero.

B. Create a Price Book with Price Book Entries to reflect the new prices. Populate the Contract Amendment Price Book ID field with the new Price Book ID to generate Amendment Lines with new prices.

C. Change the status of the contract to Draft. Make price changes on the original quote used to generate the contract and check Contracted on the Opportunity again.

D. Change the values for Net Price on the subscription or Price field on the asset. Amend the contract and use Refresh Prices.

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

Universal Containers must be able to create Quotes that contain Quote Lines with different Start Dates. Order Products must be separated into Orders after generation based in the Start Dates.

How can a CPQ Specialist meet this business requirement?

A. Separate Quotes must be created for each unique Start Date.

B. Set both the Order by Quote Line Group and Ordered checkboxes to True.

C. Change Default Order Start Date in CPQ Package settings to Quote Start Date.

D. Set the Order By picklist on the Quote to SBQQ__StartDate__c, and the Ordered checkbox to True.

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

An Admin at Universal Containers wants Configuration Attribute X to appear on the configuration page of bundle Y. The value selected will drive a Selection Product Rule, and will also be listed in a Line Item Column in the output document. On which objects will the Admin need to create the Configuration Attribute X custom field in order to meet his requirements?

A. Configuration Attribute and Product Option

B. Product Option and Quote

C. Configuration Attribute and Quote

D. Product Option and Quote Line

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

An Admin creates a Search Filter for Product Code that has a predefined Filter Value of Green and an operator of “starts with”.

If the Search Filter is visible, how can sales reps interact with the filter on the Product Selection screen?

A. Sales reps can replace the text, but are unable to leave the required field blank.

B. Sales reps can change the operator from “starts with” to “contains”.

C. Sales reps can see the filter, but are unable to alter the filter text.

D. Sales reps can delete the text to ignore the filter.

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Universal Containers is rolling out a new version of its Premier Support offering named Premier Pro. The sales operation team wants to ensure that when a sales rep renew an existing Contract with Premier Support, it is replaced with Premier Pro.

What does the Admin need to do to support this business requirement?

A. Set the Renewal Product field on the Premier Support Product record to Premier Pro.

B. Create a Report of all Renewal Quotes with Premier Support Product and replace Quote Lines with Premier Pro.

C. Create a Price Rule to replace Premier Support Quote Lines with Premier Pro.

D. Set the upgrade Target field on the Premier Support Product record to Premier Pro.

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

A Lookup Query may return a value to only be used within a CPQ managed field.

A. True

B. False

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

On a quote template, the Price line column has a template section “Price Line Items” defined. Which behavior will the Admin observe when generating the output document?

A. “Price” line column will not appear for Included or zero price items.

B. “Price” line column will appear in multiple line item sections.

C. “Price” line column will not appear for other line items sections.

D. “Price Line Items: section will show only the “Price” Line column.

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

The Admin at UC is creating a bundle and has a requirement for a Product Option to be unavailable for selection when certain conditions exist. The User should still see the Product Option, but should not be able to select it.

If a Product Rule is created to meet this requirement, what should the Type of the Product Action be?

A. Disable and Remove

B. Disable

C. Remove

D. Hide and Remove

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

Admins must create custom objects when leveraging:

A. Summary Variables

B. Lookup tables

C. Quote Templates

D. Amendments

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

Universal Containers requires that all users add at least one Product Option from the Maintenance Feature to a bundle. Additionally, users must select at least one and no more than two Product Options from the Support Feature.

How should the Admin set up these requirements for the users?

A. Set Min Options for Maintenance to one. Set Min Options to zero and Max Options to two for support.

B. Set Min Options for Maintenance to one. Set Min Options to one and Max Options to two for support.

C. Set Max Options for Maintenance to one. Set Min Options to zero and Max Options to two for support.

D. Set Min Options and Max Options to zero for Maintenance. Set Min Options to zero and Max Options to two for support.

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

A User creates a quote with these details: No subscription pricing products. Default Product record fields have not been altered. Renewal Model is Contract based. The Quote has been contracted. Which records will be generated?

A. Assets will be created on the opportunity for each product in the quote.

B. A contract will be generated with subscription for each product in the quote.

C. Assets will be created on the account for each product in the quote.

D. A contract will be generated with no subscriptions for each product in the quote.

Correct Answer: C

Question 15:

Universal Containers sells a monthly subscription service that is offered to their clients with a ramp option. This subscription is priced with a setup fee, an installation fee, and a recurring fee. Which set of actions would meet these requirements?

A. Create three products to represent the setup fee, the installation fee and the monthly fee each with a monthly price dimension, and combine them into a bundle.

B. Create a single product with three monthly price dimensions

C. Create a single product with two one-time price dimensions and one monthly price dimension.

D. Create a single product with two monthly price dimensions and one one-time price dimension.

Correct Answer: A